Vivid Energies


Our competitive advantage comes from our industry expertise, manufacture direct pricing and 360-degree approach to each individual project. We provide personal support throughout the project, identifying each point of savings, providing custom solutions and maximizing rebates. Our customer relationships and your satisfaction are our most important benchmarks.



Each project begins with an introductory meeting with the client and all the key decision makers. This meeting often includes the CFO, CEO and the director of operations. By meeting with all of the decision makers at the same time, we are able to get an understanding of the business’ complete needs. From cost savings to the aesthetics of the lighting project, we get a clear picture of every aspect before developing a customized solution.

Energy Analysis

Next, our experienced team will do a complete audit of the facility. We analyze and account for every fixture to ensure you get an accurate energy analysis. This is also were we will help prioritize those area and fixtures where you will get the most savings. As a part of this process we will also review all available rebates and include those savings as part of the total analysis.

Project Review

After walking the facility with key decision makers and auditing the facility, it is time to make a formal proposal. All of the lights are mapped out in the proposal along with an estimate on exactly what the business will save with the new LED lighting and how long it will take to recoup the cost. Included in the proposal is an itemized list of available rebates.

Contract Review

Before we move forward with a project it is critical we are all on the same page. We review the terms and scope of the project, and set payment terms and method. Most importantly, this is the time to answer any remaining questions so you are comfortable with the project.


Now it is finally time to start realizing the beauty and saving of your new lights. Out trained and experienced team will convert your facility to the proposed LED lighting system. We know you still have a business to run, so we will do everything possible not to interrupt including working off hours or sectioning off the project. We will stay connected and on track with weekly progress reports from our project manager.

Final Walk

Once the project is complete we will do one final walk through with you. This is a chance for any final feedback or adjustments before signing off of the completed project. We want you to be 100% satisfied and tell your friends!

Payment Plan

Now that you are realizing the savings the payment plan as outlined in the contract will begin.