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Vivid Energies has partnered with ETC Group in order to expand the ways in which we help our customers to save energy and money! We are excited to help our existing and future customers to increase the efficiency of their HVAC systems!

Vivid Energies

Who is ETC Group?

ETC Group is an energy efficiency engineering and building commissioning firm with more than 30 years of experience. The company provides services to reduce energy waste and save money, while creating healthy and comfortable environments for building tenants and patients.

Services include:


Commissioning (Cx)


Monitoring-based commissioning

Turn-key Project Services

Vivid Energies

Technology Expertise: Smart Building and Data Analytics

 The company has worked closely with leading software and data analytics technologies since 2010. ETC Group built a team of software programmers to collect data from separate building systems and developed unique applications on top of the SkySpark platform. This effort has led to the launch of BuildingFit, a stand-alone smart building data analytics company.


ETC Group leverages BuildingFit and the power of the data and insights it provides. By incorporating the use of powerful smart building and data analytics technology into the company’s services, customers benefit from greater efficiency and faster time to results. Most importantly, ETC Group delivers real-time measurement of building performance, using proactive insights to correct possible problems and provides real data results on energy savings.


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