Vivid Energies

The Service
Complete campus conversion to LEDThe Client
Southern Wesleyan University: Christian College in South CarolinaWhat is their specialization?

The Challenge
The campus needed improved efficiency in order to reduce their annual energy bill of more than $150,000.

The Process
Following our expert process, our technicians:

  • Met with key decision makers, including operations and facilities.
  • Conducted a comprehensive, campus-wide lighting audit.
  • Presented a formal proposal that included:
    • New LED products
    • New vs Old energy analysis
    • Return on Investment timeframe
    • Rebate estimate
    • Install schedule
  • Installed new lighting in collaboration with the Vivid Energies’ and Southern Wesleyan University’s installation teams.
Vivid Energies

The Solution
Vivid Energies’ installation team collaborated with SWU’s team to install all new LED interior and exterior lighting on campus. This included:

  • New fixtures
  • Retrofitted fixtures
  • Maximize rebate


Project Wrap Up

  • Project Total: $310k
  • Rebate Total: $210k
  • Project ROI: 0.66 years
  • AnchorPercent Energy Reduction: 60.0%